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Q: Does Prime provide its patients with cashless insurance services?


Yes. We are empanelled with most TPA and insurance companies and offer patients cashless insurance services.

Q: Can insured patients avail Prime's services without pre-authorization?


As all our surgeries are planned in advance, insured patients are encouraged to get admitted after they receive pre-authorization from their TPAs. Those wishing to proceed with surgery prior to receiving insurance pre-authorization are expected to pay the entire cost of the surgery in advance. This amount will be refunded by check upon receipt of sanction from the TPA. Our Customer Care desk will facilitate this process for you.

Q: What if my insurance policy has a cap on room rent?


Prime's surgical charges are pegged to the type of room that you select. We offer Deluxe and Comfort category rooms. This means that your cost of surgery will vary depending on the type of room you select. Most insurance policies have a cap on the room tariff which in turn sets a cap on the entire surgical charges that is covered by insurance. 


If you wish to use a class of accommodation higher than that permitted by your policy, you will have to bear, in cash, the difference in cost for the entire surgical procedure and not just the room rate. Please familiarize yourself with the details of your policy prior to admission.

Q: What form of payments does Prime accept?


We accept payments by cash, demand drafts, credit and debit cards. Checks are not accepted.

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