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Q: What are Prime's Patient Responsibilities?

  1. To maintain healthy habits & take responsibility for health.
  2. To be respectful to the surgeons and medical staff.
  3. To be honest with the surgeons & disclose family / medical history.
  4. To do best to comply with surgeon's treatment plan.
  5. If not happy, to inform the surgeon.
  6. Will do home work to participate intelligently in medical care.
  7. Will not ask for padded bills and false certificates.
  8. Will understand prescribed medicines.
  9. Will be punctual for appointments.
  10. Will pay bills on time.
  11. Will abide by the Prime Surgical Centers rules
  12. Will have realistic expectations from the surgeon and his treatment.
  13. Will report fraud and wrongdoing.
  14. To treat the hospital staff and fellow patients with respect.
  15. To keep all old medical records in sequential order and to show the treating surgeon on as required basis.
  16. To provide medical Insurance Card, if requiring admission and paying through Insurance.
  17. To follow rules and regulations of Prime Surgical Centers.
  18. To take care of own valuables / personal belongings.
  19. To comply with no smoking, pan / gutkha, chewing policy in the centers.
  20. To be considerate to others for privacy, noise level and safety.

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