The Prime Experience

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    Step 1
    You can make an appointment by calling us at +91 20 3993-1000. Our Customer Care desk will ask for some basic demographic information to initiate your medical record, as well as note any specific on-site assistance that you may need during your visit.
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    Step 2
    We recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your appointment time and bring with you all documentation such as test reports, details of current medications, medical insurance etc. This will enable our Customer Care Executive to complete the registration processes smoothly. In addition, a nurse will note the details of your medical history for your surgeon to review.
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    Step 3
    Your surgeon will now have a good sense of your medical history before meeting you. With the background work complete, your surgeon will be able to spend more time with you to discuss your current medical condition. During your first appointment, your surgeon will discuss your current symptoms and conduct a medical exam. He may advise further tests, lab work, follow-up appointments or discuss a treatment plan. After meeting with your surgeon, you will stop by the Customer Care desk where you will be helped with processing the surgeon's orders. For patients who are advised surgery, our staff will help you understand surgical costs and will schedule a pre-anesthesia checkup.
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    Step 4
    Patients who are recommended surgery are required to undergo a pre-anesthesia checkup. This checkup is required to determine your fitness levels and helps the anesthesiologist determine the safest anesthesia for you.
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    Step 5
    Please follow the pre-surgery instructions that our Customer Care desk will give you prior to your arrival for surgery. Upon your arrival we will follow a set of pre-determined protocols throughout the surgical process to ensure that you have a safe experience. Prime has the latest equipment for your procedure and has all necessary emergency equipment to manage any need.
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    Step 6
    Once you are ready to leave for home, our Customer Care desk will assist you with billing to ensure a quick discharge. A set of post-surgery instructions will be given to you and a follow up appointment will be scheduled.
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About Prime Surgical Centers

Prime Surgical Centers develops and manages surgery centers in partnership with surgeons. Prime utilizes advanced surgical technologies such as lasers, enhanced endoscopic techniques, fiber optics and arthroscopy to reduce surgical trauma, pain and recovery time.  With a singular focus on patient experience and safety, Prime provides surgical services that are non-emergency in nature. Prime's surgery-only focus is designed to provide patients with a service that is personalized, cost-effective and technologically current in an environment that is friendly, comforting and safe.

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