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10 Jul
Radio Frequency Device Enables Arthroscopic Surgery For Shoulder Infection

For 26 year old S Pankaj (name changed) it was a tremendous relief to be able to raise his arm without experiencing excruciating pain in his shoulder. It took 9 months, multiple visits to numerous consultants and finally an arthroscopic surgery at Prime Surgical Center – a speciality surgery facility recently launched off Law College road, for Pankaj to finally get relief from the constant pain and disability.

“I injured my shoulder in a trivial fall following which, I experienced considerable pain and weakness in my arm. An MRI was taken which was interpreted as muscle bruising and I was treated accordingly with physiotherapy and pain killers. However my condition kept on deteriorating.  I consulted numerous other specialists but to no avail”, Pankaj narrated.

“A time came when pain became a constant companion and shoulder movement unbearable. In desperation I sought the advice of our family physician Dr Parag Patil from Akurdi who advised fresh MRI scans and referred me to Dr Anand Jadhav, reputed Shoulder specialist at Prime Surgical Center”, Pankaj added. The new scan showed that his condition had seriously deteriorated, with fluid collection in the joint, which had spread into the surrounding muscle planes and also resulted in thinning of the joint cartilage.

After a careful evaluation Dr Jadhav came to the conclusion that this was not a typical bruise because the MRI showed a deep seated focus and not superficial bruising. The original fall was not the cause but just a coincidence and the real reason appeared to be a slowly spreading infection, possibly TB, present well before the patient’s fall. An urgent surgery for thorough cleaning up and complete removal of the pus from the joint cavity was of paramount importance to avoid permanent damage.

Until recently this patient would have had to have undergone  an open surgery with it’s associated disadvantages of a long and painful rehabilitation period.

Instead Praveen now had the option of an arthroscopic shoulder surgery at Prime with the help of an advanced radio frequency device. “In this case, Arthroscopic surgery would not have been feasible, had this new technology not been available”, according to Dr. Anand Jadhav.  “In such cases the extensive inflammation within the joint severely restricts operative vision and there is a risk of significant intra-operative bleeding, with the possibility of abandonment of procedure if the bleeding cannot be controlled”, he added.

“This new radio frequency device, used for the first time in the country for such a condition, effectively controls bleeding and ensures a clear field of vision. It also cuts with precision avoiding collateral damage to normal tissue.  This enables the surgeon to have a greater clarity of vision and surgical precision while operating“, Jadhav explained. “ The joint was thoroughly examined, cleaned and washed out. Further delay in diagnosis and treatment would have damaged the joint beyond salvage”, added Dr Jadhav.

“The relief from pain was almost immediate and now, a month later, the range of motion of my arm has improved remarkably”, said a visibly happy Pankaj.  Dr. Jadhav was assisted by anaesthesiologist Dr Pratibha Kane who administered a special ‘inter-scalene’ block, using a nerve locator and anesthesia, a procedure that made recovery pain free.

“Precision surgery in such complicated cases requires team work and infrastructure, which is available only at select centers in the country”, added Jadhav who has spent almost 12 years in the NHS in UK and was even felicitated by then British PM Tony Blair, for his services to the NHS.

“Patient’s history, clinical findings and MRI should all be matched before planning definitive treatment”, summed up Dr Jadhav who probably saved Praveen’s shoulder joint. “The patient required just a day’s hospitalization. The advantage of the arthroscopic procedure is that it minimizes the tissue damage, is almost pain-free and leaves scars that are barely visible”, said Dr. Jadhav.

To know more about Dr. Anand Jadhav Cilck Here

- July 5, 2013


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